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Sterilization of Rafters & Beams

beams in attics

Sterilization of Rafters & Beams

Animal urine and feces is a biohazard and must be handled very carefully and disposed of according to state regulations. Homeowners should not try to remove it themselves because it can carry all sorts of diseases and parasites. Plus, over time, animal urine will soak into the wood of your home so professional sterilization is required to truly remove all traces of the animal.

To thoroughly sterilize your home, our team will work attired in full biohazard gear to ensure everyone’s safety. First we remove all contaminated insulation and any other infected debris. We then use scrapers to hand remove any remaining fecal matter that may have dried on the walls, rafters and beams of your attic. We bag up all of the contaminated material and then dispose of it according to regulations set by the State of Indiana. After all of the visible animal waste and debris has been removed, we use professional grade machinery to spray a special sterilization solution throughout the entire attic. If needed, we will hand scrub in the corners of the rafters and beams in order to fully sterilize the space. Using special cleaners designed to break down soaked in and dried urine and feces, our trappers will clean in every nook and cranny of your attic to ensure that all the animal waste is completely removed. Once the cleaned and sterilized space has fully dried, our team will work to seal any holes made by the animals and repair any cracks and crevices. We’ll restore your attic to the same or better condition that it was in prior to the animal infestation, ensuring that the animals do not come back.

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