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Are Squirrels Nesting in Your Attic? Give us a call!

Squirrels are one of the most common wildlife species the mid-west. They love to nest in warm, dry spaces such as attics, between walls and in chimneys. The most common way to identify that you have a problem is if you hear scratching sounds coming from above your ceiling and inside your walls. You may also notice foul odors in and around your house. This could mean that squirrel families have nested in your house and the babies have fallen down in between your walls and died. This is not a do-it-yourself removal project!

The trick to removing squirrels from your home is to identify where they’re getting in and out. Often times they’ll chew large holes through whatever they encounter in order to get inside where it’s warm and dry. They have no problem chewing through shingles, siding, wallboard, electrical wiring and insulation. This can cause untold damage to your home and can lead to fire hazards and other further problems with your home.

Favorite Trapper has years of experience in determining where squirrels are getting in and out of your house. We’ll locate their points of entry, remove any babies, dead or alive and clean up the mess they’ve made. Once we’re sure the animals are all out, we’ll seal the holes they’ve created and restore the area they’ve damaged to its original condition.

Don’t let squirrels get the better of you! Call us today for a consultation!