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If you have bats, moles, opossums, raccoons, snakes, squirrels, or any other kind of wildlife wreaking havoc inside your home or business, Favorite Trapper can help you trap and remove the pests from the premises. We’ve been providing animal removal services for more than a decade and can safely and humanely remove animals from your residential or commercial property in a timely fashion. We can also take things to the next level by setting you up with restoration services to get your home or business back in order. We specialize in performing full restorations in attics and crawlspaces and offer an unconditional warranty on all our full restorations.

At Favorite Trapper, we go above and beyond to make sure the homes and businesses we work on are as clean as they can possibly be once we’ve completed full restorations in attics and crawlspaces. We do this by offering a variety of individual services, including the following:

Air Concentration and Ozone Cleaning: We’ll use industrial-grade equipment to remove urine and fecal matter from the air so that you and your family or you and your employees don’t breathe any of it in and get sick as a result of it.

Removal of Damaged Insulation, Droppings, and Debris: We’ll remove any dead animals and fecal matter from attics and crawlspaces and get rid of drywall and insulation that was damaged during a wildlife infestation. We’ll also make sure everything is disposed of properly.

Sterilization of Rafters and Beams: We’ll wear full biohazard gear and work to clean the rafters and beams in your attic so that you and your family or you and your employees aren’t subjected to animal waste that may have come into contact with these things and contaminated them. We’ll use special professional-grade machinery and a sterilization solution to sanitize rafters and beams.

Do you need to have the attic or crawlspace in your home or business restored? Call on Favorite Trapper at 317-910-5785 today to schedule full restorations. We can work directly with home and business owners or do restoration work for insurance companies and help with insurance claims.