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Wild raccoon

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Raccoons are Dangerous! Leave Them to Us – Wildlife Control

Raccoons are often viewed as cute little furry animals when in reality they are dangerous and should not be treated lightly. They can cause serious damage to the home or property if not properly removed. Left to their own devices raccoons can tear holes in walls, get into paint cans and other chemicals stored in garages and basements and make huge messes with your garbage cans. Raccoons love to nest in attics and crawl spaces. They are clever animals and are great at getting into cabinets, opening trash bins and unfastening just about any container you might have in and around your house.

Raccoons can be vicious when it comes to trapping them, particularly if they have babies nearby. Homeowners should never attempt to confront a raccoon. In order to catch and remove these animals the correct size and style of trap must be used as each state has specific laws and regulations to consider when trapping them. Additionally, steps must be taken to avoid catching other types of animals such as house pets and other wildlife.

At Favorite Trapper we are trained to handle raccoon removal. We’ll safely remove them and clean up the mess they leave behind. Call us for an inspection today!