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Wild opossum

Opossum Removal & Cleanup Services

Opossums have 50 teeth – the most teeth of any nuisance animal! They have extremely sharp claws, prehensile (gripping) tails and are superb climbers. Opossums like to make their homes high up in attic spaces and lofts, generally where it’s warm. When threatened they sometimes play “possum” in effort to put off predators when in reality they are alert and ready to escape at the first opportunity.

Much like raccoons, opossums love to raid garbage cans. They are omnivorous and not picky about what they eat. In order to remove them, all traces of their food source must be completely eliminated. Their point of entry must be plugged up or they’ll simply come back.

Opossums usually have large litters with as many as 25 babies at a time, sometimes up to 3 times a year. Many of the babies won’t survive, which can present a serious problem for homeowners as the babies will die and then you’ve got dead animals to contend with. If a mother opossum get’s scared off, she won’t come back for her babies, which also means you’ll have dead animals in your space. If you think you have animals in your space such as Opossums it’s best to get a professional to deal with the problem before it gets out of control.

Favorite Trapper has years of experience dealing with Opossums. We’ll safely and humanely remove them from your property. We’ll clean up the mess they make and take care of any repairs needed.