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Wild bat

Bat Control – We’ll Rid Your Home of Bat Colonies!

Although bats are extremely useful creatures to our environment, they’re generally a nuisance when they’re living in your home. Bats are extremely agile creatures that can squeeze into tiny cracks and crevasses in just about any structure. Like many other nuisance animals, they’re usually just looking for a warm, dry place to make their home. They like the safety of small spaces because larger predators can’t follow them in.

Bats live in colonies, which means where there’s one, there are many. They’re nocturnal creatures so you’re not likely to see or hear them during the day. Rather, they’ll be visible coming and going from your home at dawn and dusk. It’s illegal to kill bats so removal strategies involve getting them out and preventing them from coming back in. One-way traps are used for this type of removal and special care is required in cleaning up their excrement.

Bat feces can be dangerous as it can carry disease and can cause mold growth in the space where it’s located. The dust from bat feces can lead to serious lung problems if breathed in. It’s not good enough to simply rid your home of bats. The feces must be cleaned up by a professional or anyone living in the home or near the infestation is at risk for health problems.

Call Favorite Trapper today to rid your home or property of bats. We’ll locate their entry points, seal the spots they’re getting in and then safely and professionally clean up the mess they’ve made.