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About Us

We are a full service animal removal company. Our employees have over 10 years of experience and are properly licensed. We offer a one-year transferrable warranty on all restoration jobs.

Eric Minnix, President

Eric is a native to Southport, Indiana, which is located on the Southside of Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been in the animal trapping industry for 10 years and holds Nuisance Wildlife Trapping License. His love of animals began in his youth and has grown from there. He has had a long and varied professional history working with animals, both wild and domestic. He has personally owned with some very unusual animals, the most exotic being a xx foot American Alligator! In terms of unusual wildlife, the most unusual creature he has encountered was a half breed animal he suspected to be half possum, half raccoon. The animal was huge for either type of animal and took up a 30 inch cage when caught. Needless to say, Eric is fearless when it comes to dealing with wild animals and has pretty much seen it all when it comes to removing them.

Prior to forming Favorite Trapper Eric was involved in wildlife rescue, which laid the foundation for forming Favorite Trapper. Eric has had years of experience trapping and removing just about any animal native to the Mid-West. From raccoons, to bats, to birds, to snakes to possums, Eric has successfully and humanely removed thousands of animals over the years. While Eric loves working with animals, his passion is helping people. He is passionate about helping his clients, particularly when they don’t have any idea how to solve their animal problems. When asked what he most enjoys about his job Eric says, “There is always something new and different. This job keeps me agile and young at heart. I really enjoy using my passion to be able to help people. I put integrity where my heart is and let it show in the quality of my work. I just want to give people the chance to find out that I really am their Favorite Trapper and that I am there to take care of them!”

Adam Robinette, Lead Trapper

Adam was born and raised in Fountain Square on the Southside of Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been a professional in the animal trapping industry for 16 years but his experience with animals began much earlier in life. When Adam was a youth, he trapped animals for his neighbors as a hobby. In high school, he once took a class offered by the Department of Natural Resources that involved job shadowing an animal trapper. It was at that time he discovered that animal trapping was what he wanted to do for a career. Over the years, Adam estimates that he has trapped over 10,000 animals. I addition to working with animals, Adam specializes in the restoration of the damage that animals leave behind. He has years of professional experience in gutter and siding repair both from animals and the weather.
Adam says his most unusual trapping job was removing an 8 foot Boa Constrictor from a client’s crawlspace. His client has brought it home from a overseas in the military and kept it as a pet. Only the client had no idea how big it would get! The snake actually got lost in the client’s house and after three months of hearing odd noises in his attic, the client finally called for help. Adam had to chase it down throughout the client’s house and finally trapped it in the crawl space. Clearly, Adam has to be extremely cautious but brave when doing his job. Working with animals both wild and domestic can be extremely hazardous. It takes a special kind of courage to be in this line of work. Outside of his animal trapping work, Adam is married with three children. He has a 180 lb. Great Dane named Caeser. Between his active family life and his busy work schedule, Adam enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time. He describes himself as, “just a simple dude”. His best advice for anyone with animal problems is, “Don’t try to fix it yourself – call your Favorite Trapper!”